Dry Lining System and Soakaway Drainage System

Location: Cirencester / North Cerny

Type of property: Stone Built House

Services used:

Dry lining system / Soakaway Drainage system / Damp Problems / Damp Proofing

Materials Used: 

  • Delta Drainage channel
  • Delta Mesh Coated Membrane
  • Permagard Membrane fixings and tapes


This is a stone built property with high ground level on the rear facing wall approximately 1.5 meters high. The high ground level was causing penetrating damp to enter the building and collect as visual dampness at the base of the wall.

A natural underground spring runs adjacent the rear wall but with the installation of our soakaway drainage system the water entering the building was redirected away easily.

Works completed: 

A Dry Lining System was installed incorporating a meshed membrane fixed direct to the wall insuring a physical barrier from any dampness in the wall itself ready for plaster boarding and re plaster work to be carried out. Surface mounted radiator pipes and mains water pipe were neatly concealed with boxings ready for new skirting boards to be fitted.

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