Basement Tanking Membrane Property Conservation Services

Location: Banbury, Oxfordshire

Materials Used: 

  • Delta cavity drainage membrane system
  • Delta Membrane
  • Delta sump and pump
  • Delta foul pump
  • Gypliner system


This Basement Tanking project was designed to make an unused basement area within a grade 2 listed Georgian terrace building usable and free from damp. This was an extensive refurbishment project transforming previous office space into the HQ for Horton Hospital. The main focus was to use this basement as a service area for the boilers and waste management that needed a sump and pump to direct the foul water out the building. A type C cavity tanking membrane (Pump and Sump) system was installed as specified within the BS8102 (British Standards document outlining basement waterproofing best practice). Property Conservation Services use the industry’s leading water management systems that are tailored to every project we undertake.

This basement tanking system allows the water entering the space to be carefully directed to the pumps via channels formed in the ground, and then safely pumped away via the pumps installed in the ground. We as a company invest in the most up to date training for technicians and surveyors to help achieve the right design for the right jobs.

Works completed: 

We started by cleaning down the basement wall surfaces to prevent any debris entering the channel and fixed an 8mm tanking membrane to all the walls to achieve a dry barrier. This allows water to be directed down via the small cavity in the design of the membrane itself. Delta drainage channelling was then installed at the base of the wall in pre formed channels cut into the floor that lead directly into delta pumps. We achieve a dry floor from the installation of a durable cavity floor membrane that ties into the wall membrane creating a full barrier from both the floor and walls. In could be fixed to walls so battens were installed via metal brackets for plywood to be fixed ready for the plaster board and skimmed finish.

During the Basement Tanking

After the Basement Tanking

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