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Dry rot and wet rot can affect buildings of all ages and if decay is discovered it should be identified and remedial action taken without delay.

Fungal decay occurs in timber which becomes wet for some time and is the result of the attack by one of a number of wood-destroying fungi. The most well-known are Serpula lacrymans—the true dry rot fungus—, Coniophora puteana the Cellar fungus and Poria vaillantii the Pore or Mine fungus. Many other fungi also occur and some have recently been particularly linked with decay in door and window frames.

Wet rot occurs more frequently, but is less serious; decay is typically confined to the area where timber has become and remains wet.

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What is Wet Rot?

This type of rot is caused principally by Coniophora puteana. Poria vaillantii is another important wet rot fungus and a number of less common fungi also occur. While each fungus has its own unique features, the general appearance of wet rot is similar—as is the treatment.

Wet rot is typically confined to the area of dampness because the mycelium does not spread into walls.

floor replacement due to wet rot problems

timber that has started to rot due to wet rot

Identifying Wet Rot

  • Fungus causes the Timber to shrink and crack
  • Timber feels spongy and soft
  • Discolouration of timber
  • In some cases, mycelium strands may appear on the timber
  • Wet rot stays to the damp area and does not spread to the walls for example
  • Paint finish can appear damaged.
  • Damp musty smell

It is very important that the type and cause of the fungal decay are correctly identified before any corrective action can be considered. It is for these reasons that it is important that a detailed diagnostic inspection is carried out by a competent specialist. This inspection should be followed by the submission of a report that details both the cause of the decay and the proposed remedial action.

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Wet Rot FAQs

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Clare Simpson
Clare Simpson
We were very happy with John who did most of the work. He was excellent at communication, tidy with the messy work, and very good at re-plastering. He was very obliging and clearly wanted to do an excellent job.
Steve Woodward
Steve Woodward
The workers were great. They made no fuss, were always polite, arrived when they said they would, meticulously covered any surfaces that needed to be, and cleaned up afterwards with a sense that it was their home they were finishing up on, rather than ours. They took pride in their work and set themselves high standards throughout.
Julia Carbonaro
Julia Carbonaro
I contacted Property Conservation Services to apply some damp proofing and replaster two walls of my house. They have been quick and accommodating in booking both the survey visit and the works. In three days everything was finished and so far we’re really happy with the result.
Helen Smith
Helen Smith
We used Property Conservation to convert our large basement into a damp-proof and fully useable guest suite including a fully waterproofed wet room. From the start they were so professional and knowledgeable. Considering the quality of workmanship and the value it has added to our property we feel it’s been amazing value for money & would highly recommend anyone who are thinking of converting an unused damp space to take the plunge with confidence!
Dorothy Beaumont
Dorothy Beaumont
Fabulous team from start to completion - Highly recomend !
John Connolly
John Connolly
Property Services Services agreed a contract with the previous owner of our house. Although it took over 6 months to purchase the property (don't ask!), the company honoured the contract at the original price. The work was carried out professionally and efficiently on the day finally agreed. I am very grateful and can heartily recommend the company. John Connoly
David Cross
David Cross
I use Property Conservation to carry out surveys and work on Housing Association properties and can highly recommend them. Their service is first class & their prices are the best, for example they installed a damp proof course on all 3 external walls of an end terraced house for less than the cost of what another company wanted to charge to damp proof course just one of the walls! Another company quoted me £350 plus VAT just to go and look at a property, the surveys carried out by Property Conservation are free. If you want the best service at the best price look no further.
Vernon Smith
Vernon Smith
Thorough and highly professional team. The process went smoothly from start to finish despite the opportunity for trauma.
Why choose Property Conservation Services
Over 150 YearsOf Combined Property Conservation Experience
Property Conservation Services has over 150 years of experience within the Team. There isn’t much we have not seen, worked on & treated over the years using both traditional & pioneering methods. Whether it's dealing with Woodworm, damp proofing properties or helping homebuyer's with pre-purchase inspections Property Conservation Services has an abundance of experience.
You can be assured our experienced Surveyors will take the time to understand & address your concerns—giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. From assessing the roof timbers at the very top of your property to the basement waterproofing at the very bottom, our detailed surveys leave no stone unturned. With over 1000+ happy customers, both domestic & site (commercial), we must be doing something right!
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