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The predominate reason that building materials biodegrade is because they are affected by water, known as water ingress. This can lead to serious damp related problems for a property which is why it’s fundamental to the preservation and maintenance of all buildings that they remain as watertight as possible.

Any defect permitting access of moisture into the fabric of a building must be remedied or treated to prevent further entry of water, and the area affected by water dried out. In order to identify defects that can lead to water ingress and to identify areas within the building that are at risk of fungal decay, a detailed inspection should be undertaken by a competent specialist who will carry out an external and internal investigation of the property.

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External Investigation

  • Deterioration of mortar in brickwork joints.
  • Faulty or missing damp proof course.
  • Bridging over the damp proof course by soil in flower beds, plinths, etc.
  • Blocked air-bricks.
  • Cracked or broken pipes, both water-pipes and waste pipes.
  • Faulty flashing around window frames (throats to sills).
  • Continued overflow from cisterns or water tanks.

(Ivy or other climbing plants may hide many of the above faults and roots may undermine foundations causing breaks in damp courses. Roots of nearby trees may cause similar damage to foundations and damp-courses).

Internal Investigation

  • Solid stone or concrete floors with wooden skirting and/or covered with timber where the impervious membrane is punctured or of poor quality or where no membrane is fitted.
  • Condensation—this may be caused by: unlagged steam pipes, especially under floors; b) steam condensate, particularly in wet process factories; c) high atmospheric moisture from normal bathroom and kitchen usage. This is especially important in uninsulated and/or poorly ventilated buildings and is often the cause of decay.
  • Trapping of flood—water in under-floor space and over concrete.
  • Plumbing defects and defective toilets, either from fracture of the pan or, more commonly, defects in the plumbing unions.
  • Close-fitting linoleum vinyl or laminate flooring installed over unventilated or imperfectly ventilated wooden floors.

(Adequate sub-floor ventilation is important and careful attention must be given to clearing blocked air vents or air-holes in sleeper walls. Pockets of dead air favour fungal growth and should be eliminated. Steps must be taken to dry out existing dampness and to prevent further entry of water in addition to the eradication of the fungus and repair of damage caused. Where there is any doubt about the causes source or risks associated with water ingress, ask the advice of a reputable company).

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Cindy Petts
Cindy Petts
Very pleased with the service provided, from start to finish very professional, would highly recommend.
Annie Penn
Annie Penn
Top conservation ground up build restoration experts. Do not hesitate to call them (and the boss is a girl!)
Richard Cole
Richard Cole
Replacement documents for worked carried out in 2006. I used Property Conservation Services Ltd back in 2006 and I am now in the process of selling my house, however although I could find the guarantees for the work carried out I could not find the supporting survey reports which go with them. I emailed the company and received an email back very quickly, as I was expecting there was a admin fee for replacement documents but all of the information was emailed across to me in a timely manor and emails were replied to promptly. After nearly 11 years since having the work done I was relieved to be sent the supporting documents which are important if you ever sell your house.
Why choose Property Conservation Services
Over 150 YearsOf Combined Property Conservation Experience
Property Conservation Services has over 150 years of experience within the Team. There isn’t much we have not seen, worked on & treated over the years using both traditional & pioneering methods. Whether it's dealing with Woodworm, damp proofing properties or helping homebuyer's with pre-purchase inspections Property Conservation Services has an abundance of experience.
You can be assured our experienced Surveyors will take the time to understand & address your concerns—giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. From assessing the roof timbers at the very top of your property to the basement waterproofing at the very bottom, our detailed surveys leave no stone unturned. With over 1000+ happy customers, both domestic & site (commercial), we must be doing something right!
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We pride ourselves on honesty and trust, and we promise to provide exceptional quality in all aspects of what we do from the surveys that are conducted, to the work that is carried out no matter how big or small the job is. As well as providing great value for money, all of our work is guaranteed.
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