replastering after damp proof course has been installed

Location: Bourton on the Hill

Services used:

● Installation of a chemical damp proof course
● Re-plastering with specialist salt retardant render
● Plastering ready for decoration

Materials Used: 

  • Sand and Cement Render
  • Chemical Injection (DPC)
  • NatCem (Tanking)


The client contacted Property Conservation Services regarding some patches of damp and white salts that persistently appeared during certain periods of the year even after new decoration.

Works completed: 

Our highly trained surveyors carry out all inspections visually and with the use of modern surveying equipment such as moisture meters for confirming presence of moisture and salts that are unacceptable. There are many checks our surveyors carry out visually to both external areas of the property and also to areas inside, in this case study only a select couple of internal walls were showing damp related problems and were inspected.

All areas we carry out work are properly protected with floor coverings and sheeting for protection from dust. The skirting boards and salt contaminated wall plaster is carefully removed and a chemical injection was installed as there was a lack of a physical (DPC) damp proof course, this stops ground water from travelling up the walls causing spoiling to wall plaster. We use a specific salt retarding waterproof render to reinstate the original wall plaster to stop any further moisture from spoiling the decorative finishes keeping the walls dry and free from damp. The final stage is re plastering ready for any decoration to be carried out.

This is the stage where we protect the floors and areas from dust, we begin to remove the contaminated wall plaster.

floor protection during a damp proof course installation

damp proof course project

This is the stage where all the original wall plaster is removed and a new cement render with waterproof and salt retardant is applied with a newly installed (DPC) chemical damp proof course.

The final stage is replastering after the damp proof course has been installed. We are now ready for decoration.

replastering after damp proof course has been installed

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