Lath and lime plaster ceiling in 16th century cottage - broken plaster and bare patches showing the laths

Location: Banbury

Type of property: 16th century thatched stone cottage

Services used:

  • Specialist lime plastering
  • Removal and clearance of damaged parts
  • Replacement of riven timber laths.

Materials Used: 

  • New riven timber laths
  • Lime and horse hair plaster.


Despite this property being built in the 16th century, we believe the lime plaster ceiling was more likely replaced in the 18th century, due to the plaster being located between the beams.

This lime ceiling lasted for around 300 years before it spontaneously blew away from the laths it had previously been adhered to. There was no damp present, and the room structures and property on the whole were in otherwise excellent condition.

Lime plastering does not fall under our usual remit of treating damp problems as the product would not be used in that situation, however we do have a lime plastering specialist on our team who is always eager to restore original features.

Works completed: 

As there was no damp or rot present in the room this job was a reasonably straightforward case of removing the old and damaged lime plaster, and any laths beneath.

Mark and apprentice, Harvey, cleared sections of the ceiling the length of the room to ensure a smooth and consistent finish.

In the worst areas, the old laths were replaced with riven timbers before the application of 3 coats of lime and horse hair plaster.

Once dry, the ceiling had a final inspection, and was left for the homeowner to decorate.

Property Conservation Services would like to thank Heritage Lime for the supply of materials used on this job.




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