Front elevation of house with bay window and damp caused by leaking gutters

Location: Abbey Rd, Oxford

Type of property: Brick built, semi-detached period home c1890

Services used:

  • Initial damp survey
  • Damp specialist attendance
  • Carpentry
  • Plastering

Materials Used: 

  • Delta 3mm mesh membrane
  • British Gypsum 12mm plasterboard
  • New treated skirting to all areas
  • British Gypsum Multi-Finish plaster


The client noticed damp wallpaper which also showed a minor presence of black mould, as seen in the ‘before’ images.

Upon investigation, we found evidence of a leak from the gutter on the front of the house.

We concluded penetrating damp from the front elevation of the house – possibly caused by rainwater from damaged guttering.

Furthermore, there was evidence of localised condensation throughout – possibly due to lack of ventilation and insufficient heating.

Findings: Another damp proof company had completed inferior work, approximately five years prior to our inspection, where they had installed dry lining directly to damp brickwork without investigating the cause of the damp.

Works completed: 

Property Conservation Services were called in by the letting agent managing this house.

We removed the existing interior plasterboard to the height of the ceiling and cut back the ceiling sufficiently to vent the membrane into the void above.

We then supplied and installed Delta products, including Meshed Membrane onto exposed masonry and Ventilation Profile at the bottom of the wall.

New plasterboard was affixed to the membrane at which point we installed treated skirting boards.

We then applied a skim plaster finish down to the skirting, leaving it ready for the client’s decoration.

The job was completed by making good the ceiling, and the client was left with our recommendation to consider an upgrade to the current heating solution as there was only one small electric heater in each room, which could also be considered non-cost effective.




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