The village hall floor that suffered water ingress through the broken membrane. Here we see the new Bituthene halfway through the treatment.

Location: Kingston Blount, Chinnor

Type of property: Village Hall

Services used:

Materials Used: 

  • Bituthene 4000


The client noticed a damp problem when puddling occurred on the plastic tiled flooring, but couldn’t identify any leaks in the roof.

A damp survey identified that water ingress through the floor was causing the problem.

The cause of the puddles was from the original 1980’s bitumen membrane that had broken down and was allowing ground water to rise up through the sand and cement floor screed.

Works completed: 

Whilst this was an extensive job due to the area the floor covered, the solution on this occasion was as simple one.

The original flooring was taken up, including the tiles and the screed, to gain access to the insufficient damp proofing beneath.

The area was levelled and the Bituthene 4000 installed before our chosen external contractor relayed the floor screed.

The new flooring was then relayed by a separate contractor chosen by the client.



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