Why do I need to pay for a Pre Purchase Inspection?

For the Pre purchases or Pre sale of a property – Often your Bank or Mortgage Company will have a general survey on the property, this often shows up concerns which need a specialist in that field of expertise to assess. You will need a PCA (Property Care Association) registered surveyor to do this. There is a fee for a specialist survey of this kind. PROPERTY BUYER: At this stage it may feel like you are spending more money on the same services – This could end up saving you thousands in the long run, a useful document to have when negotiating a sale price if further issues are found or it may affect your decision to buy the property all together, avoiding an bottomless “money pit purchase”. PROPERTY SELLER: You may decide as the seller to have any remedial work done before you sell, thus allowing you to get the best possible price for the property with all works guaranteed. Guarantee Certificates are issued on settlement of the final invoice.

And don’t forget, we will reimburse this fee if you accept the quotation for proposed works on the property.