Damp Problems FAQs

Does damp return after a DPC has been installed?

Usually, when a damp proof course is installed in a property, a guarantee is issued. Our guarantees are for thirty years. If a company has installed a damp proof course and there is a problem, call them to complete a reinspection. If Property Conservation Services Ltd completed the work and you have any worries surrounding it, please call the office. We will need at least the year that the work was completed and the address of the property. It is also useful to have the guarantee number and report reference to hand.
We will then organise a reinspection under terms of the guarantee, where we can diagnose what has gone wrong. If our work proves defective, we will retreat the area, if there is another reason for a recurring damp problem this will be highlighted and appropriate advice given. You should expect this from any contractor who issues guarantees for their work.

The predominate reason that building materials biodegrade is because they are affected by water, known as water ingress. This can lead to serious damp related problems for a property which is why it’s fundamental to the preservation and maintenance of all buildings that they remain as watertight as possible.

Any defect permitting access of moisture into the fabric of a building must be remedied or treated to prevent further entry of water, and the area affected by water dried out. In order to identify defects that can lead to water ingress and to identify areas within the building that are at risk of fungal decay, a detailed inspection should be undertaken by a competent specialist who will carry out an external and internal investigation of the property.