External stairs leading down into the second basement, showing the daylight coming in

Location: Charlton, Wantage

Type of property: c1700 Period House of Brick Construction

Services used:

Free damp problem survey

Waterproof membrane installation


Back inlet gulley installation

Damp timber replacement

Installation of Delta sump unit

Floorworks including installation of drainage channel, screeding, sealant, chipboard

Spray application of dual-purpose insecticide to all floor timbers

Materials Used: 

Delta MS500 membrane

Delta V3 dual sump unit with high level alarm and control panel

Polysil TG500 sealer

Delta MS20 floor membrane

Insecticidal spray

Chipboard flooring


Two disused brick constructed basements showed clear evidence of water ingress and flooding.

Access to basement #1 was via a hatch to the WC floor and fitted ladder.

Our surveyor found there was a drainage channel formed, leading to a sump with no pump and the timber suspended floor over the basement had exposed joists, centre beam and underside of floor boarding.

The survey noted evidence of infestation by the common furniture beetle (Anobium Punctatum) and wet rot to an area of joists.

Basement #1 showed evidence of ground water ingress at the wall / floor junction and sump resulting in standing water.

Basement #2 was an open coal storage vault, accessed from external steps. There was a brick floor with brick walls and vaulted soffits and at the time of inspection there was standing water to a depth of 400 mm.

Works completed: 

Both basements were unused at the time the works were carried out, so our technicians could get straight to work…

With sensitivity to the period property, we used dust sheets and provided further protection to the areas of works and access routes.

In basement #1 a low brick wall was removed, and our technicians used new bricks to build up a level platform to fill in the void around steps.

Decayed floor joists were removed and replaced with pre-treated timbers isolated from damp masonry, providing access for the sump.

We then formed a pit into the existing floor for Delta sump unit.

Floorworks continued with the installation of 50 mm deep floor screed to form 100 mm x 50 mm indent for the Delta floor drainage channels. We then installed the Delta V3 dual sump unit with high level alarm and control panel into the pit formed within the floor slab.

Polysil floor sealant and installation of Delta floor membrane completed the basement waterproofing works to the floor.

Work to waterproof the walls then commenced with the installation of Delta MS500 membrane to the walls to the full ceiling height and tied into the floor membrane.

Chipboard flooring could then be installed over the Delta MS floor membrane and insecticidal spray treatment to all floor timbers for infestation of common furniture beetle completed our works to basement #1.

Basement #2 was to remain exposed to the elements, so we installed the Delta sump unit and connected it to a newly formed back inlet gulley.

All debris was removed and the spaces we left for the client to make use of or finish as desired.



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