Drying plaster on the full height all of the listed building, by the fireplace with log burner

Location: Great Barrington, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

Type of property: Grade II Listed Building

Services used:

Damp survey


Damp technician


Materials Used: 

Delta 3mm mesh membrane

British Gypsum 12mm plasterboard

British Gypsum multi finish plaster


Damp throughout the whole of the ground floor in this Grade II Listed Building. The solid concrete floor was possibly laid circa 1969.

Moisture was being drawn up into the walls from the ground and creating damp and salt contamination in the walls.

No damp course was present as is typical in listed buildings, which could not be rectified due to the restrictions in place under Listed Building Consent.

Our solution is a reversible system – it doesn’t trap the moisture within the building and lets it breathe but also gives us a dry living space, free from salt contaminates.

Works completed: 

Removal of ceiling plasterboard to create space for the membrane to vent moisture into the space above.

Application of membrane to full height of all walls and ventilation strip at bottom. The membrane was vented into the ceiling space, so the rooms were not made airtight, and any moisture vapour can escape via the ceiling joist space.

We followed with a dot and dab solution to affix the plasterboard directly to the membrane.

All walls were then plastered, minimising dampness in the atmosphere and creating a dry living space.

Final Result

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