The Property Conservation Services van parked in front of the thatched cottage in Upper Tysoe, needing timber treatment for woodworm.

Location: Upper Tysoe, Warwick

Type of property: c.1915-20 Brick Built Thatched Cottage

Services used:

  • Free timber survey
  • Spray application of dual-purpose insecticide to all exposed timbers in the roof void
  • Application of Boran-based paste to main oak support beams

Materials Used: 

  • Insecticidal spray
  • Dual Purpose Insecticidal Cream
  • Oak dowel


Inspection of the exposed and accessible surfaces of the roof void in this 1920’s thatched cottage found evidence of active woodworm (Common Furniture Beetle) in the roof timbers. Clean flight holes and frass was seen and so woodworm infestation was diagnosed.

Larger (3mm) emergence holes were also noted, with loosely packed frass localised on the oak support beams, indicating possible active Deathwatch Beetle infestation (Xestobium Rufovillosum).

Works completed: 

Prior to the arrival of the timber treatment technicians, the householder was asked to remove all furniture, surface coverings and stored items from the areas indicated for treatment in the survey report.

Prior to spray and injection treatments, care was taken to protect electrical circuits and plumbing.

All exposed timbers in the roof void were sprayed with a dual-purpose insecticide treatment, followed by the drilling of small holes in the oak roof beams to allow for the injection of insecticide cream.

Drilled holes were filled with oak dowel.

All work guaranteed for twenty years.

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