basement conversion project finish in oxford

Location: Charlbury, Oxfordshire

Materials Used: 

  • Delta cavity drainage membrane
  • Delta Membrane
  • Delta sump and pump
  • Delta gyplyner system
  • Delta alarm system


The client called Property Conservation Services Ltd to undertake a complete removal of a failed basement conversion.

Works completed: 

With the installation of a more modern cavity drainage membrane system the space is again dry and usable as it once was and used as a multi purpose space as a wine cellar with storage. This Delta Membrane system allows the movement of water to be directed to a pump in the floor via interconnecting channels, any build up of water is then directed away from the property. The Delta pump not only keeps the space that it is installed in free from any future water damage but also has a built in alarm that can sound and even contact you directly via a messaging service if the alarm has been triggered keeping you in full control with peace of mind.

During the Basement Conversion

After the Basement Conversion

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